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Please send us your favorite photographs. We will post the winners here.

The "architectural" feature that started me thinking about creating a publication was a house that featured fin walls between a window & its shutters. That was several years ago, and the building was since torn down (rightly so.) (Redondo Beach)

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This page is unprofessional, politically incorrect, and placed within this otherwise professional website about professional services we provide to professionals in the building design field. The opinions are completely my own. No buildings were hurt during the photography of the content herein, however, I think some camera lenses were broken. Hey, I don't claim to be a great designer, but I know when design looks good enough to be included on this page.

So get inspired and boost your self-esteem by knowing you can do much better than what these examples show. Please feel free to email photos that you think are fitting for posting here. 



Rick Newton


Please note - we do not feature any of our clients projects here. Those would be featured on a masterpiece page somewhere, or in coffee table books, design award shows, etc.

The owner must have found a fire sale on windows! Poulsbo, Washington
I think the columns need to be slightly bigger to meet Disney standards, don't you? And what about the cornice at the eaves? (Manhattan Beach, CA)
Ugly Columns again. Corinthian capitals? OMG, WTF......
Huntington Beach - photo by Craig Woolbert
Let's just keep adding rooms. Why bother to paint over the stucco patches? Manhattan Beach, CA
Somewhere in Washington, near Poulsbo.
This photo was submitted by a friend. Actually, I stole it from his Facebook page. It's his daily inspriation, as he drives to his job sites & client meetings.
I hate it when the "shutters" don't fit the window. It doesn't get any better than this. I might devote a whole page to shutters.
Help me!!!
You've probably seen this on on the internet. Richest guy in India. What a sense of design he has! CLICK ON PHOTO FOR UPDATE
This beauty was only two blocks from my previous home. I didn't know until a few months ago. I would have changed my usual route to the supermarket to get my daily dose of inspiration.
A real beauty submitted by a client. I like the nearly hidden roof vent though.
Huntington Beach - photo by Craig Woolbert

It's all about the shutters.....