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About Us


Rick Newton -  senior partner and practicing licensed architect and building energy consultant.



Chad Campbell - senior partner and project manager, Chad has completed over 11,500 projects for our clients, including low rise and high-rise residential, tenant improvements, high rise nonresidential, low-rise nonresidential and everything in between.


We have saved our clients time, and save their client's money, for over 35 years. We mostly use the Performance Method to show compliance, and only use the prescriptive method, which prescribes very restrictive building & system design features, if it shows better performance and required building components better suited for the client's needs and if it is required by the building department.

Newton Energy uses the best full-featured computer modeling & analysis programs, whether to show energy compliance, 3D building modeling, or Life Cycle Cost Analyses, and that is EnergyPro by EnergySoft.