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Building Energy Compliance, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Structural Observation

Building Energy Compliance

(Title 24 Energy Compliance & Model Energy Code)


Residential                                Nonresidential


New Buildings                                        Envelope Compliance

Additions                                               Mechanical Compliance

Remodels                                              Lighting Compliance




Conditioned Floor Area is not calculated the same as Building or Zoning Code Floor Area.


Conditioned Floor Area (CFA) is the total floor area (in square feet) of enclosed conditioned space on all floors of a building, as measured at the floor level of the EXTERIOR surfaces of exterior walls enclosing the conditioned space.


CFA is calculated from the plan dimensions of the building including the floor area of all conditioned and indirectly conditioned space on all floors. It includes lofts and mezzanines but does not include covered walkways, open roofed-over areas, porches, pipe trenches, exterior terraces or steps, chimneys, roof overhangs or parking garages. Unheated basements or closets for central gas forced air furnaces are also not included unless shown to be indirectly conditioned.

Conditioned Floor Area (CFA)
We specialize in California Building Energy Compliance, and provide building compliance in other states as well, complying to the Model Energy Code, using REScheck, and COMcheck-EZ™.